When is the Next Full Moon: A Comprehensive Guide

When is the Next Full Moon


The fascination with the moon has been ingrained in human culture for millennia. From influencing folklore to affecting tides, the moon holds a mystique that captivates us. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the question that has intrigued many: When is the next full moon? Let’s explore.

Understanding Lunar Phases

Before pinpointing the next full moon, it’s essential to grasp the concept of lunar phases. The moon’s position relative to the Earth and the Sun determines its appearance in the sky, cycling through phases like new moon, crescent, gibbous, and full moon.

New Moon

The new moon phase occurs when the moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, rendering it invisible from Earth.

Crescent Moon

Following the new moon, a slender crescent appears in the When is the Next Full Moon sky as sunlight gradually illuminates a small portion of the moon’s surface.

Gibbous Moon

As the moon progresses When is the Next Full Moon in its orbit, more of its surface becomes visible, leading to the gibbous phase, characterized by a nearly but not fully illuminated moon.

Full Moon

The full moon, arguably the most mesmerizing phase, transpires when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, fully reflecting sunlight and appearing as a complete circle.

 Lunar Calendar and Cycle

To predict the next full moon accurately, we rely on the lunar calendar, which follows the moon’s phases throughout the year. This calendar outlines the dates of each full moon, offering insight into when to anticipate this celestial spectacle.

Lunar Months

The lunar month, also known as a synodic month, spans approximately 29.53 days, encompassing the entire cycle from one new moon to the next.

Lunar Year

While our conventional calendar follows the solar year, consisting of 365 days, lunar calendars align with the moon’s phases, resulting in a lunar year comprised of 12 synodic months.

Full Moon Calendar

Now, let’s explore the anticipated dates of upcoming full When is the Next Full Moon moons to satisfy your curiosity.

January  Moon

Date: January 12, 2025

Description: The January full moon, often called the Wolf Moon, heralds the new year with its luminous presence.

February  Moon

Date: February 11, 2025

Description: Known as the Snow Moon, February’s full moon casts a soft glow upon winter landscapes.

March  Moon

Date: March 12, 2025

Description: March’s full moon, also called the Worm Moon, signifies the arrival of spring and the emergence of earthworms from the thawing ground.

April Moon

Date: April 11, 2025

Description: Referred to as the Pink Moon, April’s  When is the Next Full Moon moon symbolizes the blooming of pink phlox flowers, not the moon’s color.

May Moon

Date: May 10, 2025

Description: The Flower Moon graces the sky in May, celebrating the abundance of blossoms adorning the landscape.

June Moon

Date: June 9, 2025

Description: June’s  moon, commonly known as the Strawberry Moon, coincides with the peak of strawberry season in certain regions.

July Moon

Date: July 9, 2025

Description: As the Buck Moon rises in July, it pays homage to the season when male deer grow their antlers, known as buck horns.

August Moon

Date: August 7, 2025

Description: August’s  moon, dubbed the Sturgeon Moon, signifies the time when sturgeon fish are most abundant in North American lakes.

September Moon

Date: September 6, 2025

Description: Known as the Corn Moon, September’s  moon aligns with the corn harvest in many agricultural regions.

October Moon

Date: October 5, 2025

Description: The Hunter’s Moon, also called the Harvest Moon, illuminates the sky, aiding hunters and farmers alike during the autumn harvest.

November  Moon

Date: November 4, 2025

Description: November’s  moon, known as the Beaver Moon, harkens back to Native American traditions when beavers were active in preparing for winter.

December F Moon

Date: December 3, 2025

Description: December’s  moon, aptly named the Cold , signifies the onset of winter’s chill as temperatures drop.


The allure of the full  transcends cultural boundaries, evoking wonder and awe in all who gaze upon it. By understanding the lunar calendar and the dates of upcoming full moons, you can anticipate these celestial events and marvel at the beauty of our celestial neighbor.

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